Electromagnetsa device that produces magnetic forces through electric currents are devices that produce magnetic forcesthe attraction or repulsion between two magnetic fields in order to affect an electromagnetic fielda space that has lines of electric forces and magnetic forces. Electromagnetic fields have both an electric forcea positive or negative charge and a magnetic force which operate at the same time. When a charged object, either positively or negatively charged, enters an area, the other charged objects respond to the presence and are either attracted or repelled. This means that like charges repel each other, while opposite charges attract each other. *McGrayne, Kashy, & Robinson, 2016

Electromagnets are made from wrapping a current-carrying conductor around a core material that can be easily magnetized. The magnetic field is created by this core. The direction of the magnetic polarityhaving polar tendencies is determined by the direction of the electric current flowing in the coil of wire, as well as the direction that the wire is wrapped around the core. This is different from how natural magnetic fields occur in minerals like magnetite. *Larson, 2012; McGrayne, Kashy, & Robinson, 2016

The strength of an electromagnet is determined by the number of coils and the current of the battery.

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