DC Electric Motor

Electric motors use electromagnetsa device that produces magnetic forces through electric currents. to provide mechanical energyenergy of motion. A DC motor operates on direct current, the type of current provided by a battery. In a DC motor, the changing magnetic fieldan area where a magnetic force is present of an electromagnet causes a coil of wire to rotate. *Carrow, 2001

There are several parts that are shared by all electric motors. The stator is a permanent magnet or insulated wire that create the outside of the motor, which makes the magnetic field. The rotor is the coil of wire which rotates in the middle of the stator. In a DC motor, wire brushes connect the rotor to different ends of the battery with every half-spin. This consistent change in the direction of current flow keeps the rotor spinning as the changing polarity of the coil reacts to the constant poles of the stator. *Carrow, 2001

If a motor runs too long or too quickly, the wire coating can get ruined, damaging the motor. *Carrow, 2001

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